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About Us

The Unako single Mother's Organization was established in April 2022 in response to the shared challenges faced by a group of friends who are single mothers. Recognizing the difficulties of raising children alone, especially with no income, lack of skills or qualifications, they decided to create an organization to support vulnerable mothers who solely depend on government grants,which are often insufficient to sustain a home especially in this economy. Through our multi-skills projects, community garden being our pilot project. We aim to create income opportunities and promote mental health awareness through workshops. By equipping women with the necessary skills to achieve financial independence, our projects not only aim to transform their lives but also contribute to the improvement of our economy and their wellness. Our mental health workshops will play a crucial role in positively impacting the well-being of individuals, which will bring great impact to their households and community.

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Zukelwa Mbiko

Co-founder & Chairperson

​​She is a single mother, a Philanthropist award winner and is currently doing her Postgraduate degree in Psychology. After losing her husband she dedicated her life into serving vulnerable women and children. She finds joy in helping others. She is passionate about her journey to becoming a Psychologist as it will enable her to make greater impact on people in her community.


​Zimkhitha Tyala

Co-founder & Deputy Chairperson

​She holds a B-Tech in ceramic design and in process with a Masters Degree in Development studies at NMMU.
Her field of interest lies mostly in rural Development with the hope of bringing a positive impact on the lives of others.


Nokuzola James

Co-founder& Treasurer

She is a single mom. 

from Cradock in the Eastern Cape. A business woman, founder of Emarikeni Food Market and Fresh Produce. A BCom graduate from the NMMU. She loves Children. She is motivated to do more towards instilling hope in our children.


Lungelwa Tyala

Co-founder& Secretary

Meet ​Lungelwa Tyala, best known as Lungi. She is passionate about skills development and community upliftment! She hold a Degree in Human Movement Science and Hons in Group Dynamics. She is the founder of Ms Lu - a brand that offers DJing services and Ms Lu merchandise, Ms Lu being her DJ name. Her other brand, Makukhanye Makwande is still in the infant stage but soon to be launched. Lungi is a hardworker and enjoys adventures...

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Unako Single Mothers Organization


​Unako means you can and this is to encourage mothers who feel like they are failing their children because they can't meet their basic needs such as food. Raising children alone comes with a lot of challenges especially if you are unemployed or dependent on social grant. It can be quite stressful and may even create problems like mental health issues or drug problems and these are just examples of how poverty affects our households especially if a parent lacks support. This organization strives to lessen the burden by providing food security,wellness education and a great support system.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a support system that alleviates the challenges faced by vulnerable single mothers. We strive to empower them by offering sustainable solutions that transform their lives.​​

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​At Unako Single Mothers Organization, we aim to empower vulnerable single mothers through multi skills community projects which will assist them generate income ad provide them with sustainable food solutions for their families and these projects will also help improve their well-being.

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Who are the Beneficiaries

Single Mothers - Our Organization targets unemployed single Mothers above 35 years old.There's an age limit issue in our systems where opportunities are mostly available to youth (18-35 yrs) and after that it becomes difficult to even get ahead as age becomes a barrier. Unako wants to encourage it's mothers to keep fighting for their dreams. Our children need rolemodels and 

Vulnerable Children -  ​Children raised by single mothers. No child should go to bed hungry. Children deserve to be loved and protected and when the home is dysfunctional it becomes difficult for a child to thrive. Some conditions slowly and indirectly force the child to carry the mothers burden which in worst cases might result ttobad choices like drug abuse,teenage pregnancy or even or even crime.

Selection of beneficiaries

The organization works closely with the school committee and the ward counselor, they assist us in identifying households that are most vulnerable in the community. 


Food Sustainable Solution: Women Empowerment

Community  Garden  Project

​​Growing our own food will help sustain a lot of single headed households. It will improve Wellness of vulnerable mothers. The garden is mainly for vegetables and fruit for impoverished families. Some of the harvest will be distributed to our local orphanages and GBV shelters.

Mental health Wellness

Transforming Lives

Unako has joined partnership with Mental health professionals from a local institution with the aim to give awareness on Mental health issues and in hope for single headed homes to receive best Mental support.

Workshops on Wellness : Once a month at the school premises.


Would you like to support our efforts?

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Banking Details

Bank Name: Standard Bank

Account Name: Unako Single Mothers Oorganization

Account Number: 10182076588

Universal Code.051001

Account Type: Cheque

Swift code : SBZAZAJJ

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Contact Us

Want to get involved with Unako Single Mothers Organization? Reach out to us and we will get back to you shortly. We are available on Whatsapp

  • Kwazakhele Secondary School,Gqeberha,South Africa


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